Sunday, November 09, 2008

In light to our recent concerns with Elizabeth's socialization I am trying to ensure that we are also engaging in appropriate play. We spend so much time in therapy making sure she meets all her goals that we forget how much she learns from just playing. Elizabeth by far prefers to play smash up cars and trains so I am trying to encourage her to play with dolls or other domesticated activities. This week we have been playing shopping we arrange our store with clothes, candy, food and toys and get the cash register ready. Elizabeth while playing clothing store dressed up and of course her outfit was not complete without her Cars slippers. Once she had her wand she wanted to play sword fights because that is ' what fairies do'.


Kellars Mommy said...

Whatta girl!!!! I never was a doll girl I preferred trucks and mud, ha..I think her outfit is cute, the slippers add just that right finishing touch..She's a cutie!

Anonymous said...

What a good Mommy! Perfect age-appropriate play-planning!

Anonymous said...

dear elizabeth (and mom and dad):
i am reading your blog for the first time!! this computer technology is amazing once you know which buttons to press!

It is approppriate that the most recent log in then is in regards to girly pursuits and shopping no?

Please tell miss elizabeth that the car slippers combined with the purple princess gown is actually quite inspired a la Versace / Alexander McQueenish.

As winter sets in we wish we were not so far from you all but look forward to another crazy chase each other around play date with evan and rachel...and yes ivan you may play trains too.

Kristine said...

Wow, we had the same lecture from our therapists was so depressing and killed so much of the joy we had in our daughters accomplishments. In the end, did the modelling "play" for Elizabeth help? My little girl plays with Oranges (she treats them like dolls) ha!, balls (not playing ball, just carrying them around and rolling on them) and is obsessed with letters at the moment. They have me TOTALLY freaked out. I thought she was doing so well, she recently started to talk. What worked for you and what didn't?