Thursday, December 04, 2008


A huge thank you to Daddy. He has spent days in the garage building the boxes, pegs, planks and pegs that we need to complete Elizabeth's Medek exercises. With the equipment he has made we are able to build endless obstacles that Ramon has recommended for her home program. Because of the time we spent with Ramon and the work we do at home Elizabeth has made some pretty amazing gains and most importantly is more happy and confident with her walking. We and her therapist's have noticed her arms are lower when she walks, she falls less, she is slower, she is starting to pick up her legs and bend her knees when she walks and she can handle uneven surfaces with less support. Her knee has begun to hyperextend again and we have started to Kinesiotape it but it is not causing her discomfort, it was great to see that the excercises Ramon had done with her really helped with her knee.
This is the first time when outside with Elizabeth we do not need to be beside her, I was able to rake the leaves with Elizabeth outside and was not worried about her falling, that is huge for her. She also has started to climb and now gets herself into more trouble as she climbs the couch and can push a chair around and climb up to reach what she desires. By the time Ramon comes back to Canada in the spring we will be ready for a new home program.


Ellen Seidman said...

OK, that is AMAZING that your husband built that stuff!!!! I love Medek, it really helped Max learned to walk. I remember our therapist also used to have Max step in and out of the boxes. Best of all, Max thought it was fun (and NOT therapy). I hope Elizabeth feels the same! Glad she is progressing.

Kellars Mommy said...

You have quite the handyman around your house I take it. I can so relate to not being able to be in the yard doing something w/out having to be right on top of your child, with Kellar it was more of a fear of what is he going to do that he doesn't realize could hurt him. Glad to hear she's falling less, that's great..