Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Dentist

We love Elizabeth's Dentist. I dreaded taking her to the Dentist and procrastinated for quite awhile. The thoughts of an orally defensive child who vomits when the wind changes led me envisioning a nightmarish time. With Dr. S. it is quite the opposite she loves kids and understands what Elizabeth has gone through and is slow and careful with her. Her princess room, the treasure chest, flavored gloves and flavored cleansers, magic fairy wands and princess pictures make our trips to the dentist a breeze. Prematurity has left it's mark on Elizabeth's mouth as well, Elizabeth's 9mth tooth has finally emerged and due to the very delayed addition it has crossed her teeth and is causing a cavity in-between and reflux has worn her teeth. Dr. S keeps a close eye on Elizabeth so we visit every 3 months and she will refer Elizabeth to Sick Kids for sedation to treat her cavities as she feels it would be 'unfair to do anymore uncomfortable procedures on her as she has been through so much already'. To find a health professional who really understands Elizabeth is difficult therefore we love Dr. S. She makes teeth cleaning fun, I have not yet told Elizabeth about her Thomas room, she may ditch the princess room if she finds out.


Ellen Seidman said...

That photo is priceless, I am laughing!!! Sabrina would ask to go to our dentist every single day if he had a princess room!!! He's pretty great with Max, though. As in, he stays calm even though Max wigs out (he's orally defensive, too).

Anonymous said...

Angi, where is this dentist??? My twins wouldn't even open their mouths at their first check-up, and our dentist has preemie twins himself!!! This place looks and sounds fantastic!!
~ Angela

Kellars Mommy said...

I'm jealous my dentist doesn't have a princess room and I need to go for a checkup myself..I like Kellars dentist, when he went for his 1st visit he barely got a look at Kellars front teeth much less the back ones but he didn't force Kellar to allow him to look, I liked that. Kellar has never had major oral issues but brushing his teeth for a while was a no go but just in the last few months he's actually gotten to where he likes it. Love the picture, she's to cute!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing!


Anonymous said...

I just wish Dr. S was also my Dentist.

Shannon said...

Hey Angi, where is this dentist? I have been thinking that Ashton really needs to go but have no idea who would be able to do this with him since he is not oral fed at all and therefore entering his mouth could be a nightmare!

LOL she'd pick Thomas over princess?

Jennifer said...

Love it! The picture is priceless!

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