Saturday, February 28, 2009

On A Whim

It began as a casual discussion and ended up with a fun filled vacation with my parents and my sister Katy. We spent a week in Orlando and had a blast visiting Disney's parks and hanging out at a really nice resort. It was a bit cooler but the weather was so much warmer than the miserable damp cold here at home.
Elizabeth had planned our itinerary before we left and Gram's and Auntie Katy were dragged to Dinoland at Animal Kingdom, to ride the clam shell and see Nemo at Epcot, to ride as many rides as we could at Magic Kingdom and visit her favourite characters (Lightening McQueen, Mator and the Einsteins) at Hollywood Studios. With a letter from Elizabeth's physiotherapist we were able obtain a wheelchair pass for her stroller and did not need to wait in the long lines (I highly recommend this). Being able to take her stroller in the line was so helpful there was no way Elizabeth can walk and stand for prolonged periods amongst so many people without falling and getting hurt. Having the pass makes me feel that for once Elizabeth gets a break and they made such a big deal of her and even gave her some extra time with her beloved character Leo from the Little Einsteins.
We enjoyed some time at the pool at the resort and Elizabeth loved swimming and playing in the sand. Mommy got a trip to Target which is my favorite store I love all the deals there, the kids clothes are so cute and totally cheap. All in all it was great vacation I think we tired my parents out and my sister was not a fan of walking but it made her day when she was pulled on the stage during the High School Musical play. Disney is such a magical place we loved every minute.


Ellen Seidman said...

I am so, so glad you guys got to go! I loved seeing those pictures. We went last May. I thought the kids would have the time of their lives, and they did, but my husband and I did, too. Disney really does make it so easy for everyone. We also got a handicap pass for our stroller, and it made the trip so much easier. Max got extra time with the characters, too. He absolutely loved them—so much so that he'd tag along after them at the character dinners. I think he ended up in like 20 other families' photos!

We are going to go on a Disney Cruise in May, probably.

Sherry C said...

Disney is the best i can't wait to take Ashley and the boys. We have never taken them yet.