Sunday, February 08, 2009

We love winter

We do really love winter. Yes it can be miserably cold, the shoveling is endless (beyond endless lately) and it takes a good 20 minutes before the car warms up. There are so many fun things to do in the snow. Elizabeth loves winter or maybe I should say the snow. She loves snow and is trying to eat her way to China in our snowbanks. The pebbles at the park that feed her sensory needs have been replaced by snow, mountains and mountains of snow. Elizabeth is now crawling in the snow and takes advantage of her low position to eat as much snow as she can (see above picture). It is nice as this is the first year she is mobile in the snow and it is great exercise for her. When we can convince Elizabeth to abstain from her feasting we are tobogganing. Elizabeth is a daredevil going down the steep hills on her own, this is really amazing because at the beginning of the season she was still not sitting on her own in a sled. Elizabeth is also learning how to skate, Daddy has built her a rink in the backyard and she is doing well with her walker wandering on the ice. This weekend has been quite warm and much of the snow has melted but I am sure more is to come as winter is halfway through and I will still be yelling 'Elizabeth only eat the white snow'.


Miracles said...

Very cute pictures.

The girls love the winter too. They also have the same fascination with eating as much snow as they can whenever we are out.

Sherry C said...

Hi Angi,

I just realized that i couldn't reply to your email so I'd just reach you here.

Sorry I'm so slow to respond I've had a busy few days. It's so nice to meet you even just virtually. Ashley is lucky to have two level 3 Medek therapist. Bernie Conors is provided by Childrens Treatment Network she comes close to weekly and gov't covers that (really awesome). We also see Jo-anne Weltman privately once a week and she is also level 3 and excellent. They both provide private therapy from there homes Joanne is in Thornhill (hwy 7 & bathurst) and Bernie is in Richmond Hill. Major Mack and Bathurst. I live very close to both of them which is very helpful and i highly recommend them both. You may have met them at Ramon's workshop they both attended to help Ramon in the break out session with the therapist.

Send me your email address if you would like me to forward you joanne or bernie phone numbers or emails. I don't think i should post it on-line.

I hope this helps. Your daughters really sweet her moving around in the snow and eating it is very cute. That's really cool that she can get around in snow i would think that makes it a little more difficult to walk it looks like she is really enjoying herself.

Do you mind if I add you blog to my blogroll?


Ellen Seidman said...

Love the photos! And your last line just made me LOL. It is so amazing that she's out there enjoying the snow. All of ours has melted, too. It was 50something degrees outside today, thank you global warming. :}

Anonymous said...

Looks like snow cones should be on the summer diet. hehe.

Is that red piece of equipment something that had to be specially purchased, or is something you adapted to help her walk on snow?

Also, has she ever tried snow shoes?

I think tobogganing is great! Lots of good motor requirements.

Jess said...

As opposed to the yellow snow, right?

She sounds like she's having so much fun! I've never lived in an area with a lot of snow-- and the only time it's snowed really heavily here this winter I was in Texas, enjoying 70 degree weather.

Go down the hill once for me, okay?



Kellars Mommy said...

Snow!!!! I am jealous,I really want it to snow here so Kellar can see it..I can tell Elizabeth is just loving it, the snow has got to be awesome as far as challenging her balance..LOL at the yellow snow...

Jacolyn said...

So much fun!!! Our "snow" was really ice and lasted on an afternoon.