Thursday, March 12, 2009


Elizabeth loves helping in the kitchen. One of our culinary delicacies is banana bread, even with Mommy sneaking in flax seed and using whole wheat flour it really is delectable even better with all the chocolate chips. When Elizabeth's oral aversions started rearing I began including her with food preparation to reduce her sensory issues. We have videos of Elizabeth sitting in her high chair gagging, retching and her eyes watering while I mashed the banana's in front of her. Fast forward to today and here is Elizabeth mashing banana's joyfully. Elizabeth has even tried tasting a banana and not vomited which is supercool, she normally will tell everyone that she is allergic to banana's because they make her barf. It is days like today that make think hat everything will be alright and she is getting better in her own time.


Sherry C said...

That's is amazing progress. I love the picture of her.

Ellen Seidman said...

SO cute.
Max also loves cooking, he is gung-ho to mix everything, from scrambled eggs for breakfast onward.

Banana bread with whole wheat flour and flax seed sounds like such a good thing! Post the recipe?! I need to get some flax seed, I know it is such a healthy thing for kids (AND us).

Anonymous said...

yeah Elizabeth!!! hope to see her soon!!
hugs xoxo
Erin :)

Jacolyn said...

She looks awesome!!! Grace love to "cook" too. I have figured out how to set her up in her play kitchen and she has tons of fun.