Friday, June 12, 2009

The Culprit

We think we found the culprit to Elizabeth's endless bouts of pink-eye. Elizabeth since February has had numerous pink-eye infections and as it spreads with lightening speed both her father and I have caught it as well. We have tried creams, drops, oral antibiotics, eye soaks and we would be infection free until it reared again. Elizabeth was a total trooper and tolerated being pinned down when I gave her drops. It became so frequent that Elizabeth would wake up in the morning and say 'oh Mom I have pink eye again'. I like a mad women bleached every towel in hot water daily, I disinfected everything in sight, changed soaps, threw out all my make-up and still it came back repeatedly. I started keeping track of all her pink eye infections and noticed it occurred on a Tuesday 2 days after she would go to her Therapeutic Riding. With this information we have tried a new tactic and give her antihistamine drops before and after she rides and now we are pink eye free. We are not sure if it is the dust in the arena or the horses that she is allergic to but the new drops are working. Above is a picture of one of our favourite horses Timmy who was dressed up for the stables annual Christmas open house. He really loved his new look. As for Elizabeth's riding she is doing great she can ride for longer periods with her arms up and her posture is improving. Now that is is warmer she rides outside which is a nice change.

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