Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Elizabeth looked at me mischievously one day and said 'Mom I am mischievous' and we agree. We are always finding things out of place that she has gotten into. From finding her Pet Shop toys hanging from our blinds, her socks stuffed in the toilet paper roll, my lipstick hidden in a jewelry box and her draping her clothes on the tree branches. I also found her sitting in a pile of hair as she gave herself a nice set of layers on her hair, it was quite an even cut that now hangs in her eyes. I could only laugh when I saw her hair as it is something that all little girls do and it wasn't too bad of haircut.
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Candace said...

Hi, My name is Candace and I followed you over from Ellen's blog. I am mom to Faith, who is five and has spastic diplegic CP, from a sagital sinus throbisis at birth. I had to send you a note b/c we have some things in common. First of all my daughter's midde name is also Ann, second your daughter was born on my birthday. Also, both girls are almost exactly a yr apart. Elizabeth is a beautiful girl and obviously a miracle in her own right! Nice to meet you!