Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Made my year

Elizabeth finished her 2 week performance arts camp where she attends pre-school. Her group the Kinder-Campers participated in the end of camp play 'Toy Story'. Elizabeth loved camp and did well 5 mornings week and because it was at her pre-school the staff already knew her. She came home with tons of crafts, enjoyed dancing with the older campers and learned new songs.

I will admit I was not looking forward to the end of camp play as watching all the dancers is another reminder of things that Elizabeth will be unable to do. I had prepared myself for a teary time and hid in the back to wallow.

What I wasn't prepared was for how amazing Elizabeth was on stage. Her group came out twice once as sheep (if I remembered to press record you be able to view that video as well). The second dance the children were dressed as Aliens which Elizabeth loved of course. She was stomping her feet, moving her arms and following the actions of the others. I loved every minute of wathcing her and unfortunately my videotaping does not do justice.

Next year I will get a better video camera and arrive early to get a good spot. Next year I will also bring a bouquet for my amazing dancing daughter.


Candace said...

AWE... so cute! Elizabeth sounds like she had fun. So glad for you and her!

abby said...

This was so great to read and see. I just got back from Hallie's first preschool summer camp production and, while she generally did OK in the musical performance, it was very hard to watch her relative to the vast majority of other kids. She didn't quite know how to be social with them and she wanted to--but could not--keep up with them physically (the 'in crowd' was engaged in a raucous game of chase and Hide and Seek and she kept having to sit down and rest). Watching Elizabeth gives me hope that things will get easier for her (and for us) down the road. So thank you for this entry.

CP and Me said...

Go Elizabeth go! She seems totally into it: how wonderful for both of you:)

Anonymous said...

She did great!