Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I am totally loving this book. I have been known to hide healthy foods to what I am cooking and this book gives me even more ideas how to hide food. Elizabeth still has a really hard time with constipation so I often make her muffins and cookies with flax seed and coconut oils. Now following these recipes I am adding carrots, applesauce and lots of other veggies that are full of fiber. For Elizabeth one of my muffins a day keeps the laxative away.
Check out this book the chocolate chip chickpea cookies are yummy.


Valeria said...

ahahha... Would I try with muffin with Aurora too!!!!

Anonymous said...

Katy over at
is doing a 'round robin' on all things eating.


Jacolyn said...

I have this book too but haven't tried the muffins. I'm going to now.