Monday, October 05, 2009

CME Medek

Recently our local news ran a story about CME and the work of Ramon Cuevas. Elizabeth's first Physiotherapist Simona is also featured in the clip, Elizabeth took her very first steps with Simona.

We feel very strongly that CME Medek has enabled Elizabeth to walk independently, I am fairly certain that without CME Elizabeth would be using a walker. A couple of weeks ago we saw Elizabeth's Orthopedic Dr (the one who told me it was time to get Elizabeth an electric wheelchair to keep up with her friends) and she could not believe the progress Elizabeth has made in the past year HA HA.

Presently we are not doing CME at home as Elizabeth is walking quite well but we are ready for the next growth spurt to begin again to give her stability.

Checkout this clip.

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Angie, your blog was one of the reasons we started Medek! I wanted to thank you for sharing about Medek and also to thank you for sharing about your journey with Lizzy. She's an amazing person and is lucky to have you as her mom!

I nominated you for a Lemonade Award:

I don't always post but I read your blog daily and always enjoy reading about Lizzy's adventures and accomplishments!

Anonymous said...

Pretty good press. Not much on the side of sensationalism, but the pity-the-wheelchair-users could have be left out.

No doubt he has great technique. Exercise is the pancea and specific exercise is downright wonderful. And no need to research specific exercise because exercise has been researched out the wazoo. (See my last post for 2008.)

Dosage helps this specific exercise be effective, too. What I wouldn't give to have daily sessions the norm for my treatment. $114/treatment is a bargain in the market here.

I do think both of the girls in the video could benefit from orthotics. Just saying.

Here's another fan:

Simona did not seem to have an accent. How many therapists has Ramon trained?


mamamia said...

Hi Angie-

I don't know the person above that gave my blog address to you but I'm glad she did - so wonderful to see how well your daughter is doing! I don't keep up my blog enough but this is our second time in Chile and we love it! The only thing that has worked for my daughter! If you don't mind, I would like to give my family the link to that news story on your page. Love the therpist that says she can't find documented proof of success- hello, did she see your daughter and Teya -so defensive :)Great to meet you!