Monday, March 22, 2010

March Break

Last week was March Break here and Elizabeth had the week off. Between having some down time with Grams while I was at work we managed to fit in some fun activities. We visited the sugar bush with Elizabeth's friend Alex and went another time with Daddy; they played in the snow, ate lots of maple sap, maple syrup, maple candy and of course pancakes. We went to the Royal Ontario Museum with her best buddy Owen and his brother Austin they loved the dinosaurs, the bat cave and checking out all the child friendly displays. Of course as things are not good in the tummy department for Elizabeth she had one of her vomits in the museum, with the help of my best friend Amy and Mommy's quick instincts it was caught and disposed of before anyone had a chance to blink (I will discuss these woes in another post when I figure out what is bothering her). We also enjoyed a night away in a hotel with Alex and we took the girls shopping at a very cool mall that even had a racing alley with rides. Elizabeth also had her first real play date with a girl in her class, it was so sweet to see how well they get along and how appropriate Elizabeth was in playing with her. All in all it was a good week and we were lucky to have some nice warm weather as opposed to now where it is miserably cold and rainy.

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