Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I hate mornings, I am not a morning person and I really like/need sleep. We have a bad habit here and on the days I am not at work Elizabeth sits happily on our bed watching tv while I get a bit of extra sleep, this bad habit causes us to run behind in the mornings. Elizabeth also has a very hard time in the mornings she is often miserable, slow to move and getting her fed is painful. Breakfast is not Elizabeth's good meal, on an average she has 1/2 piece toast or muffin, 2 ounces of applesauce and 1 ounce of juice and this takes an hour at least. This agonizing breakfast leaves us running behind even more. I have tried pleading, feeding Elizabeth, yelling and taking her toys away but nothing works. The above picture I had told her she could not play with her toys before school as she had taken so long to eat, so instead she sat happily reading her favorite book about bugs so much for punishment..
To add to our morning drama a missing AFO or beeping FM unit will be sure to keep us from getting to school on time.


Candace said...

I hate running late! And Faith always seems to fight me when we are! Like I am trying to get out of the door and I need to put her coat on and she is hopping away from me. When I finally catch her, she stiffens her arms so I can't get the coat on! KIDS!

Anonymous said...

Yea, so much for consequences. ;)

I have to think back a bit to remember how it was for us - a very common problem - if it is not an AFO or FM unit it is something else.

We had a good fortune to witness a model of 'natural consequences' that impressed our first .... a boy, ever so slow to get ready in the morning, had to wear his pjs to preschool to be on time. Ours remembered that day well. We decided that food and brushing teeth had to come before dressing. It worked for us for a while - probably through most of gradeschool.

Can you set up the kitchen so that she can go there and get her first food herself?

(We also are the odd people who do not allow tvs in bedrooms.) Just saying. Barbara

Billie said...

You have just described my life! lol

I have absolutely NO idea what I will when Holland and Eden are in 1st grade and have to be ready for school at 8am.

They are in afternoon preschool and we are hustling to get to the bus stop by noon!

Good thing I have another year of afternoon kindergarten bf I have to really worry about it.