Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good-bye Winter????

Our winter has been pretty pitiful in terms of Canadian weather. We have had small amounts of snow that melts as fast as it falls. I love winter and all that there is to do in the snow and cold and this year we really have not been able to do too much of it. We were able to go sledding twice, build a very very small snowman, construct a small fort (I had to use all the snow from our road to build half a wall) and Elizabeth got to graze in the snow. On the colder days we have been taking Elizabeth skating at local outdoor park and she really is getting better; she can stand independently for a couple of seconds and with her walker can shuffle a couple of feet.
This past week has been beautifully sunny and warm so we have been out bike riding and drawing on the driveway with her sidewalk chalk. We are not sure if this is a sign of spring or will we still get another cold snap with a dumping of snow, either way we will find a way to have fun outside.


Sherry C said...

I'm so impressed she can stand in her skates that is amazing isn't it. I love the pictures of her winter fun.

Anonymous said...

Happy, adaptive post!

Do you use ice to reduce her knee pain? Oh, I just remembered - do you have access to a regional hemophilia clinic? They often have effective joint pain methods not commonly recommended. Barbara

anon said...

Anika has been wanting to ice skate too! She can't stand on the skates yet without support. That little ice walker looks so cool. It kills by back to function as Anika's human walker. But she does love it.