Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Culprit

We think we have solved the recent no eating / gagging / vomiting spell. I thought just before I pulled out her Prevacid and started her on Miralax I should put her back on Soy milk. Elizabeth has been on cow milk for the past year and from what I have seen has not had a problem with it; she does not have the typical signs of intolerance she does not have exema, loose stool and never has complained of stomach aches. I should really know better by now that Elizabeth being an ex-preemie her tolerance of pain is huge and even if she was in pain she would never have complained about it. That is probably why for the past couple of weeks her eating had taken a nose dive, each time she came to the table her face would change and she would begin to gag and really struggle with eating and those were signs she was uncomfortable which I was thinking was behavior. She has a tendency to get a bit constipated which with a careful diet we were avoiding the use of laxatives but lately she was getting really constipated. Within 2 days of switching her to Soy she is eating, occasionally will ask for food (this is a huge thing) and is eating in her terms faster and I think the major thing which allows her to eat better is she is now regular. I think back to the years of her constant vomiting and wonder how much of it was related to milk and how uncomfortable she must have been. We are so happy to have Elizabeth comfortable now and enjoying eating again.


Candace said...

How frustrating is it to have to figure all those things out! I often feel like a detective since Faith doesn't really talk we never know what the problem is. Poor Elizabeth!

Sherry C said...

Eating is such a struggle here too. We have good days but many more bad days. I'm glad you found something that is working.

Kara Melissa said...

Sebastian is also on prevacid and zantac. Since I am still nursing I can't have dairy either and when I sneak a little, he really pays for it in gassy tummy which makes sleeping impossible. No fun for any of us. We don't have a constant supply of good soy milk here, so I am looking forward to that when we are in Canada, then I can think about when we will stop nursing.