Sunday, May 02, 2010


We had a great familymoon in Holguin Cuba. It was our first tropical destination with Elizabeth and we all had a great time. Elizabeth loved swimming in the pool and the ocean. She was doing great at holding her breath while swimming so she could see all the tropical fish in the reef. Elizabeth LOVES the sand, she spent the first 10 minutes rubbing her hands in the sand thanking us for taking her to Cuba. Elizabeth also loves all living creatures and took great pleasure in chasing the lizards and toads, collecting starfish, sea urchins, shrimp and crabs and watching the bats fly at night. The food was great and Elizabeth ate like a champ; she devoured calamari, fish, soups, ice cream and slushy drinks. She made us so proud in the restaurants sitting so still, trying new foods and using her manners. We went on a excursion to swim with the dolphins and it was fabulous, Elizabeth loved petting the dolphins, getting kisses and watching the dolphin show. Each night Elizabeth took part in the children's mini-disco, the staff were great with her and she loved dancing and playing the games. We are happy to be home now and I love the fact I am not running her to bathroom every 5 minutes because she has drank half the pool and that we no longer have to use public toilets (that often do not have toilet seats) but we will miss the endless fresh seafood and the lovely warm sun. What better way to spend our honeymoon than with Elizabeth.


Candace said...

Wow what an exotic trip! Glad you guys had fun! Dolphins? How cool is that? I bet all her friends will be so jelous!

Sherry C said...

Great pictures sounds like a fun time for all. Vacation with the kids sounds like so much fun to me. Sounds like Elizabeth is doing so well.