Sunday, May 16, 2010


Elizabeth now can say the 's' sound. She has been working very hard at speech therapy for at least the past year and now can say 's' unprompted. I love how she asks for her dinosaur steggie, she pronounces the 's' sound so well, it warms me each time I hear her. We are now working on her 'sh' sound which is coming along and she can now say it with prompting. Above is a picture which she took of one of her 'crew' as she calls them she also has a t-rex, triceratops and a pterodactyl. She totes these dino's everywhere she feeds them, talks to them and dresses them. She also loves to bring them to us each morning when she wakes, a roaring dinosaur in your ear at 6:00 is not my most favorite way to wake up but they are the closest thing we have to dolls here.


Sherry C said...

That is a cute Dinosaur. I'd love a dino wake up call from Ashley, I guess I can't complain she likes to sleep in and read books in her bed until I come and get her she never wakes me anymore. That's awesome Elizabeth is getting "s" sound .. i'm sure there was a lot of hard work put into that. Sssuper!!!!

Candace said...

YEAH! Way to go Elizabeth! That surely is a big accomplishment! Dancing in S.C. for you, tonight!