Friday, July 23, 2010

Next Time Decaf

After a year and half wait list Elizabeth is now having her psych-educational assessment. Depending on my mood I am okay or anxious about this testing, some days I think she will fly through this testing and they will tell me that she is a very smart girl who will do great and other days my fears are they will come back and tell us she has ADD and/or Asperger's. We feel that this testing is important so her teachers can adapt to her learning needs early on. We have no doubts about her ability to learn as she truly is a walking encyclopedia but her intense knowledge also makes us nervous because she really knows too much for a 5 year old. She continues to be impulsive and distracted at times but it is improving.
Elizabeth did quite well from what I could hear (Mommy's are not allowed to be present) I could hear her singing and giggling during the testing. Me on the other hand not too good the stress of the impending results had me edgy but the biggest problem is I drank a large Starbuck's Iced Coffee just prior to her testing. I don't drink coffee (hot or cold) and I should have thought that Iced Coffee contains caffeine (duh) but I drank a large from a freebie Daddy had got. Those were the longest 3 hours I have spent in a very small waiting room with nothing to do and on an extreme caffeine high. Of course the secretary was sitting near me and I was trying to be still so she would not report me to the Psychologist. To top off our day I had promised to take Elizabeth to a nearby splash pad for a treat for her hard work and of course when we got there it was closed so she at the end of her rope had a meltdown with crying and retching but we got sorted out when I found a nearby outdoor pool for her to paddle in. It took about 7 hours for the caffeine to clear my system even after lots of water and a run.
Elizabeth begins part 2 in a couple of weeks and next time I will be prepared with a decaf tea and a juicy book to pass a couple of hours and I will ensure that her reward won't be a let down.


I Just Love You said...

autism is my biggest fear... :(

Anonymous said...

I am at a loss as to what to say - wanting to ease some of the stress you feel.

The whole testing and diagnosis trauma seems to be a fire one must walk through. However hot, I'll be on the other side to read and write with you about how Elizabeth grows and cheer her successes.