Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Seussical the Musical

Elizabeth finished 2 weeks of performing arts camp at her old pre-school. On the last day the students put on a performance with the senior campers. I was so proud of Elizabeth; she followed the routine perfectly and really did well keeping up with her group.
The performance this year was based on the Dr. Seuss book 'Horton Hears a Who'. This story means a lot to us as we would often read book this to Elizabeth when she was NICU. In an effort to save the 'Who's' living on a small speck Horton teaches his friends 'a person's a person no matter how small'. It is a great story that teaches acceptance and how to stand up for what you believe.
The video is bit shaky as I was giggling at how cute they were.

I am also pretty happy with myself, I uploaded this video to you-tube on my own for me this is huge.


Anonymous said...

I am really impressed with how well she moves!

If I remember correctly, theater camp was a big success for her last summer, too - ?

Congrats on the solo upload! If I did that, you might be looking for frozen Hades. ;)


Kat said...

Eliz, you are sooooo sweet! :)))


joven said...

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