Sunday, September 19, 2010

I was approached by a colleague at work who had just finished a course from Cascades. As part of the course my colleague would receive a free pair of AFO's and she thought Elizabeth would be great to try them. I have been looking at these AFO's for awhile but did not want to invest money buying something that we have not tried.
Elizabeth was fitted for the Cascade Jump Start Bunny orthotics, these ones help to minimize knee hyperextension and keep her foot in proper alignment. We really want to work on Elizabeth's strength and increase her muscle mass to her lower legs and her old AFO's do not allow her to do this.
The bunny's have been great and she really likes them. They do limit her knee extension when she stands and they allow her to sit more comfortable on the floor which is great for school. The bunny's also help keep her feet from dropping when she rides her bike. She still needs the support of her regular AFO's for playing outside and walking distances as she will complain of knee pain at night if she wears them when she is active. We are hoping with her new phsyiotherapy block she will get some increased strength and be able to wear her bunny's when she is active too.

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I am a big, long-time fan of dafos, too. Barbara