Sunday, October 17, 2010

Baby Chair

We have been working with Elizabeth's school and her OT to find seating at school for both the floor and at her desk. Her teacher is really noticing Elizabeth's movements especially on the floor at circle time and feels she is not paying attention. Elizabeth is having a hard time sitting on the floor and has been lying down or sitting 'w' style which are both things that she does not do at home. Her OT feels that she is paying attention but she just cannot stay balanced and the slightest movement has her falling over. We have noticed her movements have increased and she is pretty busy at home too, when we catch her she tries to justify her increased activity, she told us the other day she was just 'making obstacle courses' and when she was spinning something it was 'a tornado for her ponies'. I have been thinking about trying brushing again to see if it will calm her as she is pretty excitable lately and I seem to remember she did this last year at the beginning of school.
To keep Elizabeth still on the floor her OT had suggested to try to the childrite seat which really is the bigger version of the Bumbo. I had my reservations about this chair but I thought I would let Elizabeth see what she thinks. I asked Elizabeth how she likes her new chair and her response was 'it is a nice fall color, it is comfy and it is a baby chair'. Her teacher says it does keep her still which is great but I don't think that alone is worth her feeling like a baby or the potential of having her friends make fun of her.
We are really grateful to have a great OT who is already noticing Elizabeth's needs and who is flexible and listens to our concerns and Elizabeth's wants. This week we will try some more options and hopefully we will find something appropriate to keep her supported and maybe a bit more still.


Tasha said...

I am not an occupational therapist by any means, just a fellow preemie Mama. I was talking with my husband about the situation with the chair and what we would do if that was Bree. Figured I would share our ideas with you in case it would help. :) What about a bigger pillow she could sit on? It could be filled with either stuffing, or bean bag beans. It might help to support her just enough that her feeling of tipping over or instability will be corrected enough that it is not a distraction to her, and it won't look like a baby chair. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Everyone's willingness to problem-solve is encouraging, but with one social comment from Lizzy, all for naught. Tough situation.

Few teachers ever took me up on this suggestion, but I.tried.every.time. I would ask the teacher to have all the students sit in a chair during circle time. I don't like floor sitting for any child, but it seems to be an ingrained educational tradition. Barbara

Joyce said...

I have nothing to add about your post but wanted to say hi - for some reason I always remmeber little Elizabeth from NICU - probably becasue she was such a little beauty, and I am glad to see photos of her now looking so great.
You probably dont remember me, but Hi anyhow

Anonymous said...

Check out the MyPod Metro chair. Like the RayL but prettier. I've seen kids use a canoe chair too.


Anonymous said...

I'm a SLP in a public school. If the chair really makes a difference in her atttention it will also make a difference in her learning. How about getting two chairs and letting another child use a chair. This could be a big deal and take away any negative vibes associated with a "baby chair". Lots of non preemie kids have difficulty during carpet time.


Ruby said...

Now I don't know how poor Elizabeth's balance skills are. And I know this will sound completely crazy and counter-intuitive, but what about trying a Disc'OSit or Movin'Sit (or similar type cushion). In some ways it challenges balance more, but it also provides more feedback to the person using it, so it can improve posture and ability to sit and attend. If they are more "deflated" than inflated, it takes less balance skills. In most classes I've seen, kids fight over getting to use them... and it could be brought from the floor to her chair if she is having issues paying attention or staying still or sitting in her chair.