Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy Halloween

Elizabeth had another great Halloween, I think she has more fun at Halloween than Christmas. Trick or treating should happen weekly as it is a great way for her to get exercise, all the uneven surfaces and the walking is great for her. Despite Elizabeth being a child who loves to get dirty there is still no way she will touch to the insides of the pumpkin but she happily drew a T-Rex on her pumpkin. She went trick or treating this year with her cousins who now live pretty close to us which is great. We made our ritual witch finger cookies which turned our pretty gory. I got to go to her school and see her Halloween dance, it was great to see all the new friends she has. I had to laugh as she was chasing all the boy superheros around pretending to beat them up as she was Superwomen. Daddy even got dressed up and looked quite handsome in his bikini and hula skirt. After sorting her loot Superwoman passed out and I am sure she had many dreams of all the delectable treats she picked up.
Hope everyone had a good Halloween.


I Just Love You said...

she is such a girl after my own heart...halloween trumps christmas every time!

Anonymous said...

I know I enjoyed this post!