Thursday, December 16, 2010

A letter to Santa


Elizabeth has finalized her requests to Santa and worked hard on her letter. She has surprised us completely and has asked for Barbies this year. She has 2 Barbies already and lately she has been playing with them which I love to watch. Her new daycare has 2 little girls and I think their interests are rubbing off on her. I am fairly sure Santa will happily oblige and ensure the Barbies she has asked for will be under the tree.
As you can see in the letter her printing is getting much better with a weighted mitten she has more control and her letters are getting smaller. She is on a waitlist to be assessed for a computer as writing is difficult, slow and is beginning to frustrate her. We are confident that her printing will continue to improve so she can complete short written works at school.
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Sherry C said...

What a Great List!!!

Ashley requested Baby Alive All Gone with a big smile it was obvious and cute. She clearly did not want silly bands or hot wheels she nodded no very clearly to those two. Tomorrow I'm going to go through the flyer with her again and see what else she wants. Santa needs more ideas perhaps Barbies too.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! The computer is the wheelchair for distances - writing for 'distance'. Both handwriting and computer use are worthy skills.

(Did you get the book yet?)

Anne said...

What a lovely letter to Santa!

If you have some time, could you email me more about this weighted mitten? Eliza has multiple issues with writing: weak fine motor skills, postural issues and these almost disjointed thumbs (which oddly run in my family but skipped me) which bend completely backwards. She has an awful time writing and it is completely illegible, but Eliza can paint at an easel with no problem since the grasp is different.


Sarah said...

Love it. I also love that Elisabeth makes her lower-case g's the same way that Shoshanna does.