Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Since Elizabeth started school she has been the party girl. She has been invited to an endless string of parties which we are so happy about. She has been bowling, to a makeover party, to indoor playgrounds, a gymnastics party, Princess party and a jungle party. I have been with her for each party and it has been nice to see how she is interacting with other children and how they are interacting with her. Of course I still see a difference between her and her peers socially and she has yet to have a true friend at school but the children and their families are including her. At one party there was music playing Elizabeth and a little boy danced and he dipped her as they twirled around which was the sweetest thing to see.
We are looking forward to more parties, I just have to start saying no to the cake as I am not burning it off like the party girl.


Sherry C said...

Lovely!!! Beautiful picture too

Anonymous said...

You are stronger than me at resisting cake, but Lent is coming!

Gives me a happy feeling to know Elizabeth is enjoying friendships and parties! Barbara

I Just Love You said...

eat is good! :)

abby said...

A makeover party? Wow...they do start early! Anyway, I think it's great that Elizabeth is being included; as you know from my blog, Hallie is in the same place and it's a pretty good one. Now if there were only less cake and pizza, I'd be in better shape too!