Saturday, March 26, 2011

March break

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Elizabeth had a great March Break. Things were pretty low key which was nice as we still have a pretty busy schedule. The weather was nice and we even got to go for a bike ride with her Triton bike. One of her highlights was going to a reptile play center and holding a tarantula called Mrs. Fuzzybottom. It still amazes me how fearless she is and how much she loves animals. She does still scream for Daddy if she sees a spider in her room but once we catch it she keeps it confined as her pet. She also enjoyed going accessory shopping which is her new trend, she chose lip gloss, a headband and sunglasses which she keeps in her pink purse (along with her Dinosaur).
We also celebrated her homecoming this week. It has been 6 years now since she has been home with us and we can't be any happier to have such a great kid. It is amazing that 6 years ago she came home like this.


I Just Love You said...

time flies...such a beautiful girl!

BLOOM - Parenting Kids With Disabilities said...

Wow! How wonderful!!! Congratulations to Elizabeth and you all!