Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Disney Vacation

We did it again; we took Elizabeth to Disney for her 3rd time. Once again we had a great time there, we walked our feet off through Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney. As she is now 42 inches the choices of rides were more thrilling so Elizabeth tried out Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Test Track, Dinosaur and my favourite Soarin. Her Daddy really enjoyed all the big people rides too. She continues to be fearless and the first ride she chose was the Haunted Mansion.
The parks were all very busy this time and we were thankful we had her wheelchair with us. Elizabeth has a very hard time walking in crowded areas, being bumped by people causes her to get into dystonic postures and fall and she is not quite able to change direction quickly if someone is in her way. Walking long distances is still not easy for her so using her chair in the big resort was very helpful. Elizabeth does not mind being in her chair at all, she often would pull the 'I'm tired card' so she didn't have to walk as we did encourage her to walk in less busy areas.
We used the 'special assistance pass' which allowed us to bypass many lines which was great as most line ups were 60-90 minutes wait. The staff made such a big deal of her greeting her and going out of their way to make her experience memorable.
Next time I do need to remember her FM unit as she has such a hard time hearing in noisy environments. I felt really bad as I knew she was missing quite a lot of the conversations and almost needs me as in interpreter in her ear if someone talked to her.
As we stayed outside of Disney we were able to enjoy time at the resort; we swam, went down water slides, played in the sand and at night watched movies and roasted marshmallows by the pool. Our villa had a kitchen so we made our meals and brought lunches which I prefer; one can only eat so much fast food, the line ups for food were also very long and it saved quite a bit of money.
Now we are back to a very cold climate and I don't think have been warm since leaving Orlando.

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