Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Wednesday's are one of the days I have off work and they are our busiest days. We make our morning trek to physiotherapy which unfortunately is just under an hour each way if we are not stuck in traffic. I absolutely hate the drive and the time we waste in the car but the time with 2 different highly skilled PT's in the hour is very beneficial for Elizabeth. One of the PT's is a level 3 in CME Medek so she brings out the boxes and the balls using the exercises that Ramon has developed and her other PT works on lunges, squatting, her core and stairs. Elizabeth gets a really good workout there and the results definitely show as her walking continues to improve and she with reminders will alternate her feet on the stairs now.

After PT we make the mad dash home to get to school. I had found the 25 minutes we have left at home too stressful to get her fed and to school as she just wants down time to play with her toys (which I do not blame her at all) so now we stop at some unhealthy place to eat a quick lunch which has really helped with the stress level her teacher was reporting to me on Wednesdays.

While Elizabeth is at school for 2.5 hours I run around doing errands and try to clean part of the house. I do try to have 10 minutes to have a cup of tea and read.

After school we dash home for a snack and then to swimming lessons. The YMCA has a swimming program for children with special needs; for the monthly cost of enrollment ($30) Elizabeth receives weekly private swim lessons. The swimming lessons are working out great and I am no longer a basket case waiting for my fearless child to sink to the bottom of the pool. I am hoping by the end of this summer she will be able to swim on her own.

By the time Elizabeth and I get home to get dinner we both are miserably tired.

When I am exhausted I think how tiring this must be for Elizabeth as I am just the chauffeur, she is the one who is doing all the hard work with never a complaint.

Today was an even busier Wednesday as we both had dentist appointments (in different cities) and she had to see the orthotist to revise her AFO's at the crack of dawn. Days like these I am sad to report despite trying to pack healthy snacks we stopped at 2 different drive thru's for meals.


Sarah said...

Is she eating those meals and keeping them down? I'd chalk that up to a win lol.

Remember, she's got kiddo energy. Hope she sleeps great on Wednesday nights for you!

I Just Love You said...

my husband is going to be taking rachel to a parent/child swim lesson at our local Y. i'll have to see if they provide special needs swim lessons once she gets older. keep up the good work, elizabeth!

Anonymous said...

You are hard on yourself! Let go of a perfect diet one day a week, eh?

Depicting your Wednesdays is helpful and encouraging to others.