Thursday, September 08, 2011

1st Grade

Our baby is officially in Grade 1. It is so bittersweet I cannot believe she will be gone from me for an entire day everyday. She of course was so excited and did not look back when I dropped her off. The school has some pretty impressive plans set up for her and are really aware of her safety, she has an assistant full days now which I think is a bit much, I hope they give her space to be on her own and be the independent girl she is. They had her classroom chairs (First Class and Ray L), FM unit, versa frame in a private BR ready for her to use and her PT will be in next week to check on her. I met with her teacher and highligthed her movements and her inability to keep her body still so I hope this teacher will be a bit more understanding.
Elizabeth chose her outfit and was happily decked out with an abundance of sparkles and Hello Kitty (the Hello Kitty shoes actually fit over her AFO's, how I love Target). When she came home she was so happy and got right to playing teacher with her Dino's which was so sweet. She even ate her lunch that I sent every scrap of it, I am thinking she may need 2 lunch boxes for the day.
Our hopes this year will be where her teachers can see her potential and be patient with her as she perseveres.


I Just Love You said...

wonderful! she looks so happy! i love target shoes too...the are the only kind that fit rachel's plump feet! lol! hope you are well. :)

Anne said...

I'm so glad she had a wonderful first day! I hope the year ahead is just as wonderful!