Monday, April 16, 2012

Following Grams and Gramps

My parents decided to have a well deserved month away in Florida and we decided to tag along for a week. The weather was perfect for the beach and swimming. Elizabeth harassed my sister Katy and had her on the move the entire time we were there (Auntie Katy really enjoys her tv routine, sleeping in and her afternoon nap). Grams, Auntie Katy, Daddy and Elizabeth spent a day at UniversalStudios where Grams and Auntie Katy accidentally experienced an upside down roller coaster and lived to recant it. Elizabeth is now a pro boogie boarder and loved riding the waves. She also lived in the pools and can now swim in the deep end with no floaties at all (we stay very close). Of course we had to have lunch at t-Rex cafe again and visit build a Dino for a girlfriend for her beloved Rexy. Harrison fared well through all the adventures he had a couple of dips in the pool and had his feet in the sand, I think he would have enjoyed it more if his poor tummy would stop ailing him so much.
Grams and Gramps were great hosts and I am sure are now enjoying the quiet now and Auntie Katy may need to sleep for a week from all the excitement she had.

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I Just Love You said...

tell harrison charlie understands tummy issues. :( when we switched over to the amino acid formula, the GI told us that if there is a true milk protein allergy, then more than likely they are allergic to other proteins as well. i know you've cut out dairy. have you cut out all foods with dairy and soy? the protein in wheat may be bothering him too. not much of a life for you though.