Thursday, January 27, 2005

Elizabeth has been doing well. The steroids are working and she's been able to go on "LowFlow", which gives her a small amount of oxygen (smaller than with CPAP).
Doctors from General surgery removed her IV line as she no longer needed it. She is on full feeds at 5.5 ccs per hour. Her milk is spiked with extra calories to help her gain weight.
Her primary nurse, DJ gave Elizabeth her first bath at 9 o'clock tonite. Elizabeth was confused at first but seemed to enjoy it.
Now that her IV line is out, she is able to wear clothes. Today she was sporting a very fashionable lavender hat, white booties and a pink undershirt.


Laur & Anthony said...

Go Elizabeth. She is such a strong little lady.. We are so proud of her. She is doing so great. We can not wait for her to come home. Counting the days.
We are going to have to do some serious searching for some styling warm clothes for her!
Lot's of love,
Laur & Anthony

Anonymous said...

Mila Eli
Baba i Diado mnogo te obichat.Iskame barzo da rastesh da igraesh s Abbi.Molim se vsichko da e nared .
Eli i Boris

Anonymous said...

Hi Angi and Ivan
Your little Princess seems even more precious. Thank you for including us in her progress. I love all her pics. About 28 years ago or more, I gave birth to a very precious baby at MUMC. He weighed in at 2.2 lbs. There has never been any serious health problems. Hope this gives you some encouragement. Oh yeah, my baby's name....Christian.
Love to all
Bob & Cher

Anonymous said...

This caption should read something more along the lines of "...and no...these are not my ears..." (hehehe). Its so awesome to see her doing so well!!!

Antie Maria