Wednesday, January 26, 2005

"My first bath (neonatal style)."


Laur & Anthony said...

She is so beautiful! We are glad to hear that she enjoyed her first tub. We can not wait to come and see her again.
Love Laur & Anthony

Auntie Jenny & Uncle Philly said...

Little Elizabeth looks a bit chilly while taking a bath!
You are doing so well Elizabeth Ann!! We love you and can't wait for you to get bigger and stonger so Mommy and Daddy can take you home to a warm home. Love Ya!

burn team said...

Lizzy's really motoring now!
A bath and on the spiked drinks.
Won't be long and she will be gaining some chubbyness.
She's looking like she has turned the corner.

Take care, all 3 of you.

Andie, RT @the General.

burn team said...

Hey Elizabeth are you posing for Victoria Secret's swimsiut catalogue? your a cutie and very photogenic! See you soon.. Love Amy,Kim.R,Enza,Cathy,Catherine,Rhonda,and Suzie