Saturday, February 12, 2005

Elizabeth tipped the scale at 1108 grams, just prior to getting a bath from her mom and dad last night. She is catching up!
Her doctors and nurses have decided not to change her feeds for now, since she is refluxing every time she feeds. She does better when her mom or dad are holding her.
Elizabeth had her first eye exam on Thursday and the doctor did not seen anything of concern. She said that Elizabeth's retinas are still very immature. She will get another eye exam in four weeks.


burn team said...

Wow,Lizzy, now your getting really chunky!
Your looking great.

Take care all 3 of you.
Andie, RT@the General

burn team said...

Dear Angi,
How is baby midge, we're still waitning for our waffles (from xmas day). Pancake day here was horrible. We are here at the hen house and not having very much fun. We miss you lots.
See ya soon,
Josee, Lori, Christine, Brenda and Catherine.

Laur & Anthony said...

Elizabeth, we are so proud of you. You are looking wonderful. Keep up the good work little one. Little one junior, like your mom.

Love you guys,
Laurie & Anthony

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!
Just wanted to say what a precious gift you have in Elizabeth, she is looking so beautiful. Wishing her a strong, healthy and happy future. Really enjoying the updates and cant wait to see Elizabeth and you all some time soon. Be great to finally meet Ivan. Love to Uncle Malcolm, Aunt Peggy, Katy, Phil, Jen...
Big hugs to you all

The English Side...written by Lisa

ps Great pic you sent!

I just spoke to Nanna on the phone and she asked me to include a few words from her too, so here goes...

"i'm so fussy to see that Elizabeth is doing so well and i very much enjoy reading about her. Ivan writes it so well. Dawn and Chris print her progress for me off the internet so i get to see her pictures too. Thanks also for the picture that was sent to me inside a Valentines card.

Lots of love to you all and i think of you lots,
Nanna Harris xxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Grandparents - Peggy & Malcolm said...

Hi, Elizabeth you are so Beautiful.
We are so proud of you and your parents. Keep up the good work and you will be home soon.
Love Grandma P. and Grandpa M.