Sunday, February 13, 2005

Happy Valentines Day!


Auntie Jenny & Uncle Philly said...

Oh how precious! She is the most amazing little thing. This is the best picture yet. How cute! My heart melts each time I see you. Happy Valentines Day Elizabeth, Mommy and Daddy!!

Anonymous said...

Zdraveite Ivan i Angy
4estit Sveti Valentinena vas i vsi4ki koito ni poznavat v dale4na Canada.Vashata princesa se razhubaviava s vseki izminal den nai veroiatno zashtoto e plod na vashata lubov.Sledim s interes razvitieto i.

S OBI4 Venzi,Iveta i malkata Andrea

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day Eli, Angi, and Ivan!!! Awesome picture...Love Antie Maria and Kelly

Anonymous said...

Happy V-Day!

This is such an amazing pic of Elizabeth. I'm glad to hear she is gaining her weight!

Take care
Heather & Duane Vey :O)

Grandparents - Peggy & Malcolm said...

A great big "Happy Valentines Day" to Elizabeth Ann. Please share the candies you get with your Grandparents. After all they still have teeth (for a while) and you do not, not yet anyway.

burn team said...

hey guys...lookin good lizzy!! Happy Valentine's Day from BTU!! We love you and miss you!!!! Cheryl,Natalie, Rhonda and Amy.xxxooo

Laur & Anthony said...

Happy Valentines Day Elizabeth, Mommy and Daddy. Lizzy you are like your mom and dad, you love to take pictures! Another adorable picture, we can not wait to see more.
Anthony and I are so proud of all of you!
Lot's of love.
Laurie & Anthony

Birgit said...

Happy Valentines day Elizabeth! You are TOOOO cute!!!


Anonymous said...

This picture of you is the best Valentines Day gift anyone could possibly receive.
Lot's of love to you, Mommy and Daddy.

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit!!
This website is just wonderful, we are so enjoying watching Elizabeths progress, she is coming on so well isn't she? We think of you often and send you happy and positive vibes. Lots of love from the Aussie Connections. Great,Great Auntie / Uncle Janet and Tony. Tara,Brett, Paul,Rechelle etc.etc.XXXX