Monday, November 12, 2007

New Belt

We have given Elizabeth the belt! No she is not in trouble but she is now sporting a 2lb weighted belt. We have been trying various ways to help with her balance and provide support, including theratogs and the benix vest and have found the added weights provide some stability. Sitting at an unsupported chair is becoming difficult and Elizabeth fidgets, sways and wiggles until she ends up standing by the table to do fine motor activities. With the belt on, she has been able to sit on her little chair for prolonged periods and can use her hands better as she is not trying to balance herself all the time. The difference is really remarkable.
With walking the belt seems to keep her grounded and more stable. The belt is only worn for short intervals to avoid extra strain on joints. Elizabeth calls her belt her 'secret agent spy belt' (Backyardigans) and thinks it is a great addition to her wardrobe.


Melissa said...

Wow Elizabeth! That is the coolest "secret agent spy belt" I have ever seen. It suits the cuteness of the secret agent perfectly!

Glad it is helping her Angi. I would have never thought of doing that.

Miracles said...

That is the coolest belt ever!!!!