Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rough Week

The grace period of no major illnesses since Elizabeth started school is past. Elizabeth began to run fevers at the beginning of the week and began to get a cold. Of course for Elizabeth getting a cold is never the standard course of a runny nose. Vomiting/choking is still an issue with Elizabeth and when she is sick it becomes even more prevalent. Her vomiting/choking has led her to vomit out her nose repeatedly which has led to aspiration, poor kid even the next day I find remainders of her dinner in her nose. Elizabeth with puffers and antibiotics has began to improve but still continues to vomit a the slightest thing because of this and her earlier weight loss we have put her on supplements. I am so afraid to see what her current weight is, even if she does eat she just vomits it up with the slightest cough. We were able to call her ENT and he has agreed to see her next week at Sick Kids, hopefully he can speed up her swallowing study which will hopefully tell us why she chokes so often.
To top everything off Elizabeth has another urinary tract infection the last one being in September. Because of the close proximity of the 2 infections she will be sent to a urologist and will have a VCUG. A VCUG involves catheterizing her and filling her bladder while she is partially sedated which is not something we want to put her through.
As she is not at her best her walking is so unsteady she is falling everywhere and needs us to be there at all times. Every time she gets sick she becomes so unsteady and falls so behind and also misses so much therapy.
A huge thank you to Grandma this week for helping watch Elizabeth while Mommy and Daddy work. Without Grams Mommy would not be able to work.
Despite being sick Elizabeth is happy and taking advantage of the fact thatwe are letting her watch a more TV than usual.

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Jacolyn said...

Oh poor, sweet girl! I hope she's better soon!!