Thursday, February 07, 2008

Getting into trouble

We now have a few new additions to out family, 6 fish and a snail. Elizabeth loves to watch the fish swim around and loves to help feed them. We are not sure how much the fish enjoy Elizabeth as she loves to bang on the glass and scare them, we have nicknamed Elizabeth Darla from Finding Nemo as she would shake the fish until they were belly up. Along with the fish tank came new things to get into fish food which Elizabeth got into and spilled on the floor. Elizabeth also decided to try the "fish food" as she called it and drank aquarium conditioner. This necessitated a call to poison control who allayed our fears as the chemicals it contained were not enough to do any damage. Daddy has now swore he will never cook again as he was making dinner while she got into trouble. Elizabeth now enjoys Pizza Pizza while Mommy is working.

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Miracles said...

They are at an age for exploring that usually gets them into trouble.

Last week the girl's decided to pour liquid soap all over my bedroom carpet. The only thing that saved them was the fact that it was white soap.

Thank god water conditioner is not poisonous, good to know!