Friday, April 25, 2008

Conductive Education

Elizabeth has mastered a new skill, climbing on the coffee table. After spending March break in Conductive Education Elizabeth learned how to pull herself on to the table. At CE Elizabeth was given activities for her to be more aware of her body and to learn to stop slow down and for her brain to tell her body how to move. Elizabeth doesn't normally stop she barrels through things leading to falling. Once meeting Elizabeth they right away picked up on the fact that Elizabeth does not stay still she is always on the move trying to find balance. By providing sensory feedback Elizabeth was able to sit on a bench fairly still to concentrate on a task. Elizabeth did not enjoy the start of the program as the children would have to undress and then redress this is still a huge task for Elizabeth and she becomes very frustrated, all the classes are heard crying during this time. We would like to try this again in the summer but the 1hr drive each way is a bit much to do each day and requires either Mom or Dad to be off work. Elizabeth did not mind the drive and she happily watched her DVD's as we drove. There will have to be a time when we should discourage her new skill but at the present we love it, if she could only transfer this to getting on the couch.


Vickie said...

Wow! Looks like Elizabeth is making a lot progress, that's great to see!

Jacolyn said...

Grace is on her second week at CE. I'm glad things went well for Elizabeth.