Sunday, May 11, 2008

What she learned at Pre-School

When Elizabeth came home from school she showed me what a little boy in her class has taught her and she preceded to make a the face above. Elizabeth has thoroughly enjoyed her first year at pre-school and has learned so much and really enjoys being with her friends. As usual most of her favorite buddies are boys but she is spending more time with an energetic little girl. She still recieves support from her Resource Teacher half the time and recently told her to 'go away' as she is on her to make sure she pays attention and completes tasks. Next year she will be going into the 3-4 year class which will be good for her as she needs to learn from older peers and as her teacher says she needs to be around older kids who have more language as the children are younger in her class and cannot keep up with her conversations. I was really happy to hear that as I was concerned that socially she is falling behind. She is also showing a real independent streak at school and does not want to sit in her special chair and wants to do most tasks on her own. She is also walking down the stairs independently with the railings for snack time. Next week she will be going on her first field trip and on a yellow school bus she is so excited.


Miracles said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Jacolyn said...

That is wonderful!