Sunday, June 15, 2008


We have been busy this past week. Birthdays galore and of course Father's Day. The first birthday party was for Ashton who is now 3 years old. Elizabeth had a really good time at his party, she loved playing with all his toys. Ashton is the sweetest little boy, he and his family have been through so much and through everything he continues to have smiles that melt your heart. Next was Grandma's 60th birthday party. Elizabeth was so excited about Grandma's party and enjoyed telling Grandma she was 'old'. She definitely is not too old as she has lots of energy to keep up to Elizabeth and all her antics while I am at work. Olivia and Avery's birthday was next and all the kids enjoyed splashing in their pool and slipping down the wet n' wild. The girls also turned 3 and were so cute working together to get their mountain of presents open. Last was Father's Day, Elizabeth and I made Daddy a stepping stone for the garden. Elizabeth was also able to keep our project a secret until today which was great as she most often in her excitement spills the beans.


Miracles said...

Thanks so much for coming out for the girl's birthday. I think I forgot to give Elizabeth her loot bag! I'll have it for her next weekend when we see you again.

Happy Father's Day Ivan, awesome stepping stone!

Jacolyn said...

We've been to so many birthday parties lately that Mack now thinks cake automatically comes along with singing "Happy Birthday". We sang to a little girls at Kindermusik and he started screaming for "CAKE!!!". It was a little embarrassing.