Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy Canada Day

Another crazy busy weekend. It was Canada Day on Tuesday so we had an extra long weekend from Friday until Tuesday. Elizabeth needed to go to Sick Kids Hospital for her hearing check and since Mommy was at work Daddy took her and they stopped off at the Royal Ontario Museum. Elizabeth loved the dinosaur exhibit and the bat cave. She couldn't believe how big the dinosaurs were. Her hearing test was her best this time which is great because the last one was quite poor. The audiologist is going to try to find us someone who specializes in Brain Injury as she feels that her articulation problems may be due to Ataxia and not hearing loss. Elizabeth has an amazing vocabulary but it difficult for others to understand her.
We also were finally able to go up to my parents cottage, Elizabeth was so excited to be there. We went swimming, played at the beach, she went kayaking with Grandpa, canoing with Ivan and I, played at the park and went fishing. She loved to fish and caught the most fish. She loved to reel in her line and look for fishes. We had a small crisis when Mommy dropped the camera into the lake but it dried up and is still working. Elizabeth and my sister also enjoyed watching movies together and Elizabeth saw Beauty and the Beast for the first time.
When we got home Elizabeth went swimming in her new pool. With water wings on she really is trying to swim and loves the water. The only thing with her pool when she is in we need to be in as it is very deep and she falls quite a bit. Our apologies to the neighbors for having to see us in our swimsuits in her pool.
Lastly we went to see the fireworks at the lake for Canada day. We decided to ride our bikes there as parking is a bit crazy. Elizabeth loves the bike trailer and it is a great workout for her parents. She loved the fireworks and fell asleep on the way home in her bike.
Have I said how much we love summer?

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Bertlings said...

Hello Bizz!
Happy Canada day!!! Your boyfriend had a great time on the island and everybody was missing You!!! hope to see u soon....