Thursday, June 26, 2008

Backseat Driver

Elizabeth is becoming a quite the backseat driver. She loves giving directions and recognizes familar routes, she is often heard from the backseat yelling 'No Momma you need to go left/right'. When Daddy is driving she constantly yells 'Daddy slow down, you are going to fast', this might have come from me as I frequently scold Ivan for his speedy ways. While looking for our friend in the parking lot the other day Elizabeth pipes up 'Momma you need to turn on the GPS'. She of course gives her music requests throughout the drive and always wants me to 'turn it up LOUD'. She is becoming quite the backseat dancer and loves to sing to Madonna and JT.
MRI update Elizabeth is back to herself now, she is still pretty wobbly but after good night sleep she was up and ready to go. We were pretty concerned that night as she had a hard time keeping her head up but after sleeping it off she was fine.


Miracles said...

That's very cute. Good to hear she's back to herself.

The Hull Munchkins said...

That is a funny story! She'll be an interesting teen driver! At least she's paying attention to details. :)

Was the MRI a check up or for diagnostic purposes? Just curious.