Monday, June 23, 2008

The wait is over

Well the 11 month wait is over Elizabeth finally had her MRI. We were so panicked that something would go wrong with her getting sick before or the sedation not working and she would be swinging from the rafters in the MRI suite. I have laid awake at night thinking of all the possibilities that could go wrong and even had a back up plan at another hospital if things did not go well. The sedation worked well she was asleep in 10 minutes, she really got upset about the needle to her leg to sedate her but was forgiving minutes later. She woke up right after and was quick to demand drink, t.v., books, food and snack. The meds have given her a voracious appetite. She has been telling me she is hungry and wants more food which for her is beyond rare. Our only concern that even 12hrs later she still cannot sit unsupported and cannot be left alone as she cannot get around without being carried. She was so tired she was asleep by 7:00. Hopefully tomorrow she will be back to herself but I am thinking our day will include a trip to the Pediatrician.


Melissa said...

It took Nathan well over 12 hours to fully recover from the sedation when he had his CT scan last year. I kept waking him up in the night just to make sure he was ok. He was pretty much back to himself the next morning.

Jacolyn said...

How is she doing? I remember I was so nervous about the sedatives she was given for her MRI but after a good night's sleep she was back to normal.