Monday, August 18, 2008

Just like Mom

Growing up I was always warned to 'just wait and that one day I will have a child just like me'. I have heard over and over again the stories of how no one wanted to take me out when I was little because I was bound to say something that would have my mother turning every shade of red. Elizabeth is filling my shoes quite well and has us all on the edge when we are out as she is quite quick to notice others. Some of her recent observations have been 'Mama that man/women has a baby in his tummy', 'You are squishy' (to my great Aunt), 'Mama you are all crinkly' and to one of her therapists 'My Daddy has bad manners'. Her most famous observations are telling genders what genitalia they possess. In some instances I have been thankful that people do not understand her all the time but as she is following my footsteps she persists and gets louder until acknowledged. We now know 'the look' and are finding creative ways to distract her when we know she has noticed something.

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