Monday, August 25, 2008

An official BIG girl

Yes Elizabeth is an official BIG girl now. She has moved into a big girl bed in her new room. She had chosen the colour blue herself and is quite happy that her room is 'Dinoco Blue' (a car from the Car movie). We all love her big girl bed as it is great for cuddling and having an occasional nap (Daddy's favorite).
Her second momentous milestone is big girl underwear. She is a bit let down as Cars do not make girls underwear, she really wants Lightening McQueen underwear. After 4months of trying she is now dry during the day. She does not let us know that she has to go which for her is funny because she is so verbal but when she is taken regularly she is dry. As for poops the code phrase is 'Mommy I am cold I need a sweater' she has not associated the goosebumps with needing to go to the toilet but when we hear the phrase we grab and run (I have ran blocks) and she is usually successful. Her rewards now are receiving money for her piggy bank to buy a toy. A dry day is a 'money day' as she calls it, she is now saving her money for a remote control tarantula which she saw at Toys R Us. I am not looking forward to the day when she brings it home as it really is a bit creepy.
She really is turning into a girl, it is saddening but also lots of fun.

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CP and Me said...

Wow, what exciting things are happening in your house! Why don't they make Cars underwear for girls?! That's a crying shame!!! Elizabeth definitely deserves some Lightning McQueen:)