Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More Opinions

In my panic from the last Neurologist's appointment I begged for an appointment to see her other Neurologist to discuss the speculations of a neuro-degenerative disorder. We met with Dr. T and thankfully he had received some of her latest bloodwork and her MRI results. He reviewed the MRI and did notice some small changes (small brain atrophy and enlarged ventricles). These changes still do not account for her Ataxic symptoms as they are linked with other types of CP. He feels very strongly that this is 100% related to her prematurity and it is not a degenerative disorder. Dr. T and another Pediatrician watched her walk and could not believe how imbalanced she is, she was walking her normal wobbly way and they were jumping to catch her as they thought she would fall, I could hear DR. T. say 'oh I didn't know she was that Ataxic'. Both Dr's feel strongly that she has Choreo-Athetoid Ataxic Cerebral Palsy. They feel that the movements in her arm are athetoid as they flail and fling uncontrollably when she walks.
We had a long conversation of further testing we could do to determine the cause and to rule out other possibilities but all require painful procedures that we are not willing to put her through. After the scary possibilities we are happy to have Elizabeth as she is happy and wobbly. I will talk with her Developmental Pediatrician and if she agrees we will take Ataxia and say good-bye to all the testing.


Miracles said...

Our opinion over here is that Elizabeth is perfect no matter what diagnosis she's given:)

abby said...

I agree! Elizabeth is great and I am thrilled that you guys are trading in testing for ride-on toys!

Jacolyn said...

Oh yes she is....PERFECT!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that your daughter probably does not have a degenerative neurological condition. I was praying for her after I read that post from a few days ago.