Thursday, September 18, 2008


That is all I can say today after our appointment with her Orthopedic Surgeon. I was looking forward to seeing her as we are concerned about Elizabeth's knees hyperextending and causing her pain at night. We have tried her new chrevron splints all summer and have gotten nowhere with them as they cause her to be even more unstable. These are the concerns I wanted to talk about today and instead I get the 'look' as she sits down to talk to me about Elizabeth. She begins 'it is about time we start talking about wheelchairs now and Elizabeth can really benefit from an electric wheelchair and you should start looking into the options now. Elizabeth needs to keep up with her peers and an electric wheelchair will give her freedom'. She has seen Elizabeth many times and sees her walk but yet she feels it is time to start looking HUH!
I really don't think we are in denial about Elizabeth and her capabilities but to have her in a wheelchair when she can walk is a bit mind boggling to me. She mentioned school and her safety and I know that there will be questions and concerns but to place her in a wheelchair for convience is not right. We know and have talked with her therapists that she will need a special needs stroller for distances and that we can deal with but an electric wheelchair and a wheelchair van are not really options we have thought about. This just confirms any doubts I had about taking her away for Medek as maybe it can help her independence and freedom. Another wasted morning where we could have been playing at the park and having fun and not have to get ripped off for hospital parking.


Kellars Mommy said...

I totally agree with you, she's able to walk and she has that independence what will it do to her to take that away? She has worked far to hard!

Shannon said...

I agree with you 100%!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe that a doctor would want her to go into a wheelchair when she is very capable and determined to walk!!!!! Disgusting!

CP and Me said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through that appointment. Stick to your guns and your instincts. If Elizabeth is walking independently and your/her goal is to continue to do so, and to keep getting better at it, she should be supported to do that.