Sunday, September 28, 2008

Therapeutic Riding

Elizabeth has started Therapeutic Riding and is really enjoying it. Riding will help Elizabeth gain strength in her abdomen as her tone is quite low there. While riding she has to reach to pick up objects and also has to ride with her arms up in the air. The riding coach really thinks that Elizabeth will be able to gain strength in her core from riding. Right now it is pretty difficult for her and she sways and slumps but she tries hard. She has already asked when she can start to gallop and when she can get some spurs for her boots.


CP and Me said...

Hannah hasn't been doing hippotherapy for that long (since June, I think) but I am already noticing huge differences in her trunk strength. It's been great for her. I hope Elizabeth sees similar benies!

Kellars Mommy said...

Too funny about wanting to gallop and put spurs on her boots! I'm glad she's enjoying it, Kellar loves horses and I'm going to check into enrolling him..(adding that to my list of things to