Monday, October 06, 2008


Elizabeth after a weekend break is back to her twice daily Medek sessions with Ramon. She is wowing us all with her determination. She really enjoys the challenges and asks to go again. She eagerly waits for the next exercises as Ramon configures the boxes and planks to challenge her more, she usually says 'oohh this will be tricky'. She was able to walk down the planks unassisted and is needing less support from Ramon.
I think the work is helping with her balance and teaching her to slow down on obstacles. When at the park today Elizabeth normally grabs my hand to go down to the swings but today she just walked down on her own. She did spend a good part of the weekend in her stroller as her legs were hurting her from all this exercise.
I think Ramon has taken a liking to her, he puts up with all her teasing and poking at him. Elizabeth is enjoying her spare time checking out shops, going to the movies and going to animal exhibits. Mom is getting a huge workout from pushing the stroller and running with Elizabeth to her sessions as we are always a bit late.


CP and Me said...

Sounds like it's been going so great! You both must be exhausted from working so hard (and Ramon, too:) Being in VT, we're really not that far from Montreal at all (under two hours)...maybe some day we'll do this with Hannah.

Jennifer said...

She looks like she is having fun! Therapy is great when they can laugh and enjoy it. I'm glad to hear it's going well. Praying we don't need it for Liam but so thrilled that there are people like Ramon out there to help our little ones.