Thursday, September 03, 2009

Back to school

Elizabeth has started school and Mommy is a little excited (I am really excited about cleaning my house, I have great thoughts about a clean pantry, shiny floors and decluttered closets). She is still going to be at the same school as the last 2 years but this year will be in their JK program. We are sticking hard to our plans t hold her back as per her birth date she should be in SK. We feel very strongly for many reasons that she should be in JK and the additional year will give her some opportunities to keep up with her peers. There will be 8-10 kids in her class which I love.
She still will have her Resource Consultant with her to keep her on track and monitor her progress. We are waiting for a new OT to come and provide her with a special chair for her table top activities and a chair for the floor as well.
Elizabeth was pretty happy to go back to school and settled immediately to her new teacher and new peers. She chose her outfit for the first day as well and seeing she does not have any dinosaur clothes she chose butterfly's.


Miracles said...

How exciting! The girls started JK this past week and are loving it too.

Kellars Mommy said...

Elizabeths love of dinosaurs has been passed onto Kellar lol..Part of me wishes I had let Kellar go to pre-k3, he'll definately go next year, I was just so paranoid about the flu this year! Glad that she's settled in and enjoying it..