Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Goodbye Summer

Summer once again has flown by. We feel quite cheated with the horrible weather we had as most of the summer it was rainy and cold leaving us only 2 weeks of real summer weather. We did manage to get in as much as we could; Elizabeth spent every spare second in her pool swimming, we went to a couple of amusement parks and Elizabeth being fearless loved every second of the thrilling rides, we spent 2 weeks at my parents trailer, Elizabeth played in her sandbox, she attended 2 weeks of performing art camp and we had a couple of pool parties with her friends from school.
Elizabeth over the summer has mastered bike riding and now can ride to our nearest park with her Dad or I chasing close behind. Elizabeth also is walking more in her regular runners and is needing her AFO's less for stability. Elizabeth's endurance has really increased as well and she can walk for longer periods now. Elizabeth now is also eating and occasional potato and banana without barfing which is really cool. After tons of work and playing 'go fish' Elizabeth is now able to make an 'f' sound without prompts.
Elizabeth and I were talking about our the bad weather this summer and she declared to me that soon we will have to go to Florida and this time we need to stay 10 days not 7, I am in full agreement.


Valeria said...

I'm very happy... Those are great news!!!! I try to email to you... But i can't find email... About my blog, you can translate all click on English flag on the right of the screen...
Valeria :-)

Shannon McCauley said...

I am soo happy to have found your blog!! My daughter Abby is 4 years old has been receiving MEDEK from the Blue Balloon for 2 years. We are now ready to book an intensive session with Ramon. Did you go to Chile??? I would love to ask you some questions! My email is

Hope to hear from you!

Amy said...

Thank you for leaving your comment on The Doodle (E's blog). I'd love to email you about your experience with CME--I may also email Shannon, above. Please contact me at

Thank you,